How long it takes to install the FSSG?

As the FSSG is installed in series to the controller, there is not need sor any modification to be done on the controller. Therefore, the installtion of the FSSG is short and simple (can take less than 1-2 hours).

Is the door lock, brake and rope gripper provided in a single FSSG unit?

Yes, the FSSG is a 3-In-1 package which provides the following functionalities:
1) Door lock monitoring functionality which prevents the normal operation of the elevator according to the A17.1 Section 3.10.12.
2) Brake Monitoring - Detection of any failure in the elevator's brake.
3) Rope Gripper Monitoring - Upon any detection of a brake failure the FSSG triggers the Rope Gripper.

In what cases the FSSG detect a bypass/jumper?

The FSSG will detect a bypass and prevent the normal operation of the elevator in the following cases:

  • Bypass of any single landing door
  • Bypass of the car door
  • Bypass of the safety circuit in the controller
  • Bypass attempt of the FSSG itself

  • How do I verify the FSSG has been installed successfully?

    Once receiving the FSSG unit, a testing sheet will be included with it along with the installation diagram. The Testing sheet will have step-by-step manual of who to validate the FSSG functionality after the installation.

    What is the average lifetime of an FSSG unit?

    The FSSG is fully relay based product (no sensitive electronics). Which makes it a durable product with a long lifetime. As of today, Rolls-Elevator has FSSG units installed and operating over three years with no issues.

    What kind of maintenance the FSSG unit requires?

    The FSSG unit does not require any scheduled maintenance at all.

    Is the FSSG supports all type of controller?

    Yes. The FSSG can be installed on any elevator and controller.

    Is the FSSG requires any software upgrades on the controller?

    No. As the FSSG if completely independed of the controller type, there is not need to perform any software upgrades nor modifications to the controller.

    Does the FSSG require/have any power supply?

    The FSSG does have any power supply (and does not contain one as well). The FSSG is powered by the safety circuit itself. Whenever there is no power in the safety circuit, the FSSG will prevet the normal operation of the elevator.

    Is the FSSG compatible with both automatic and swing doors?

    Yes. The FSSG supports both automatic and swing doors. Additional, the FSSG will supports different configurations such as a Single-Daisy-Chain were all doors are serially connected.

    Are technicians able to still operate the elevator with a jumper under inspection mode?

    Yes. The FSSG allows technicians operating running the elevator in inspection mode while a bypass/jumper exist.

    What visual / audible indication the FSSG provides?

    The FSSG provides the following visual (LED) indications:

  • Car Door Circuit (Open/Close)
  • Top Door Circuit (Open/Close)
  • Intermittent Door/s Circuit (Open/Close)
  • Bottom Door Circuit (Open/Close)
  • Car Door Bypass Exist
  • Top Door Bypass Exist
  • Intermittent Door/s Bypass Exist
  • Bottom Door Bypass Exist
  • Door Limit Switch (Open/Close)
  • Inspection (Active/Inactive)
  • Firefighter Phase2 (Active/Inactive)
  • Internal Error
  • Audible Indication
    An audible alarm will be sound once a jumper/bypass exist along with a closed safety circuit - That would be an indication for the technician that the issue has been resolved and now the jumper need to be removed. The FSSG will prevent the normal operation of the elevator until the bypass is removed - Then the alarm turn off.